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Product S/N:153
Product Name:Tire Endurance and High Speed Test Machine (with Slip & Camber Function)
Product Info:Tire Endurance and High Speed Test Machine (with Slip & Camber Testing Function)
More Info:


Tire Type Passenger / Light Truck
Max tire diameter 43 inches
Max rim diameter 24 inches
Minimum tire diameter 18 inches
Minimum rim diameter 12 inches
Max tire width 18.5 inches
Number of test stations 2
Drum diameter 67.23 inch diameter
Drum width 19.5 inches
Drum speed 12 to 250 mph (+/-.5 mph)
Drum acceleration rate 0-100 mph in 120 seconds
Drum motor / drive / belt  DC motor  / drive
Tire Test Hub / Tire mounting Passenger / Light Truck
Radial load range 0-7,500 lbs 
Radial load accuracy  
Radial load source hydraulic- closed loop control
Slip angle range +/-5 deg (+/- .1 deg)
Slip angle rate variable (0-2 deg sec )
Slip angle load source hydraulic- closed loop control
Camber angle range +/- 5 deg (+/-.1 deg)
Camber angle rate pre set (not dynamic)
Inflation Control  10-100 psi (+/-.5psi)
Loaded radius measurement Linear measurement device (+/- .05 inches) 
Ambient Temperature Measurement At tire position
Machine Frame  Structural Requirements
Machine Control / Operators Console  
Operator Console Screen Test parameters to display
Data Acquisition Rate Variable
Test Parameter / Sequence Definition  
Machine Control Cabinet  
Operational Modes  
Machine Events  
Diagnostics / Troubleshooting  
Drive file capable  yes
HMI Language  
Test Results / Data Storage  
Test Interruption  
Uninterruptible Power Supply  
Human Machine Interface computer / touch screen
Hydraulic Power Unit   
Machine Wiring / Cabling  
Machine Electrical Requirement 380 VAC / 3 Phase / 50 Hz
Foundation As noted
Machine footprint As noted
Machine safety guarding tire guard / rotation parts guarded
Machine color scheme As noted
Calibration Equipment
Spare parts Equipment
Safety Requirements Features
Machine Documentation  
Design and Construction  
Operability / Reliability  
Tire Testing Profiles Typical Test Cycles for tire endurance testing and tire high speed testing

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